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  • InfibulazioneInfibulazione
    Carla Pasquinelli

    L'infibulazione è la forma più grave di mutilazione dei genitali femminili (Mgf), un'usanza africana, diffusa in un'area vastissima popolata da un mosaico di etnie con lingue, culture e religioni diverse, che costituisce una acclarata …

  • CoveringCovering
    Kenji Yoshino

    With passion and rigor, he shows that the work of civil rights will not be complete until it attends to the harms of coerced conformity.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Civil SocietyThe Oxford Handbook of Civil Society
    Michael Edwards

    Broadly speaking, The Oxford Handbook of Civil Society views the topic of civil society through three prisms: as a part of society (voluntary associations), as a kind of society (marked out by certain social norms), and as a space for …

  • The Rights RevolutionThe Rights Revolution
    Charles R. Epp

    The Rights Revolution is the first comprehensive and comparative analysis of the growth of civil rights, examining the high courts of the United States, Britain, Canada, and India within their specific constitutional and cultural contexts.

  • Human Rights in the Twentieth CenturyHuman Rights in the Twentieth Century
    Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

    In doing so, this volume captures the state of the art in a field that historians have only recently begun to explore.

  • Colour CodedColour-Coded
    Constance Backhouse

    A central message of this book is that racism is deeply embedded in Canadian history despite Canada's reputation as a raceless society. Winner of the Joseph Brant Award, presented by the Ontario Historical Society

  • Hatred at HomeHatred at Home
    Andrew Welsh-Huggins

    The stories of these homegrown terrorists illustrate the paradox the government faced after September 11: how to fairly wage a war against alleged enemies living in our midst.

  • The Challenge of Human RightsThe Challenge of Human Rights
    David Keane, Yvonne McDermott

    'This volume represents a genuine attempt to think beyond the realms of what exists, to reflect on ideas postulated in the past that could be of great salience in the future.

  • The Security of FreedomThe Security of Freedom
    Patrick Macklem, Kent Roach, University of Toronto. Faculty of Law

    Papers from a conference, The Security of Freedom, held at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto on Nov. 9-10, 2001.

  • The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr 1944 1946The Papers of Clarence Mitchell, Jr: 1944-1946
    Clarence Maurice Mitchell, Denton L. Watson, Elizabeth Miles Nuxoll

    The first two volumes of a projected five-volume documentary edition of the papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr. illuminate the FEPC's work as a federal affirmative-action agency and the government's struggle to enforce the nation's …


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